Monday, March 21, 2011

Ignorance is bliss....

Ignorance truly is bliss.  When I sat down to write my last book I just wrote, and brilliance spewed forth.  Well, I thought it was brilliant anyway.  And I was thrilled with what I saw.  And before I knew it, there was a book.  And it beamed at me.  It radiated beauty.  But then...I started to learn about writing and how to create a truly brilliant novel.

Well, I can't say that I'm well informed...yet.  But one thing that I've learned in the few steps I've taken upon my path is that you need something called GMC.  What is GMC?  Well, ummm...I don't really know.  But I do know that in order to have a truly brilliant novel with truly brilliant characters, you have got to have GMC.  Do my characters have it?  Well, as I sat in the grass this afternoon watching my daughter's softball practice, I thought about it.  Dorothy Gale had it.  Luke Skywalker had it. Richard Kimball had it.  Rick Blaine had it.  But does Collin Sykes have it?  Does Jewell McKean have it?  Does Percy Knighton have it?  Does Doc Babineaux have it?

Honestly - I'd have to say that in the Dollar Store sense, I think they do.  But then, I started thinking about my sequel.  And I started thinking about that GMC.  And I thought, they don't even have the Dollar Store version of GMC and I thought, by golly, they need it!  And not the Dollar Store version of it, I want the Saks Fifth Avenue version of GMC!  So I started thinking about it.  What is their goal?  What do they want in second book.  And that's when I realized...Ignorance.Is.Bliss. 



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